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From Broadway to the Met with Alyson Spina and Costas Tsourakis

Updated: May 29

Opera singeres Alyson Spina and Costas Tsourakis


Saturday, March 9th




First Church Meetinghouse


Donation of $15/person $25/family max

Featuring New York City soloists

Alyson Spina, soprano, and Costas Tsourakis, baritone

You do not need to take a train to New York City to hear these two fabulous soloists delight their audiences with Broadway and opera favorites from Gershwin’s They Can’t Take That Away from Me to Mozart’s Aprite un po quegl’occhi from Marriage of Figaro. Their international careers have included performances in numerous countries and cities,

from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Greece to Jerusalem, Turkey and Mexico. Their passion for music extends to being music educators in the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the

Holy Trinity in New York City.


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