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Giving at First Church

At First Church, we know that sharing our time, talents and money matters and that together we can do more than we can on our own. So, we give, and we share, as a way to transform the world and our own lives. We know that the world needs more compassion, justice and peace.  

Your financial gifts to First Church ensure that we remain a vibrant community where all members are nurtured and where we continue to stand alongside the poor and marginalized, work for justice and peace, make music and worship and praise God. First Church partners with Vanco to facilitate giving and donations.

Screenshot of online giving platform Vanco for First Church with options to give


'Stewardship' is the process we use annually to raise funds that support our budget for operations and mission. Each year, in our annual Stewardship Campaign, we ask our First Church members to commit annually, or “pledge,” a certain financial donation toward the coming year's operating budget. Together, our dollars fuel the Church's ministries, including 10% of total pledged income being given away, both locally and globally. We ask members to consider pledging a percentage of their income: 1%, 3% or even up to the classical biblical pledge of 10%. We build our operating budget based on the results of our campaign, striving to be both optimistic dreamers and prudent caretakers of the Church's dollars.  

Planned Giving

Planned Giving allows us to support the Church in perpetuity; gifts will be normally be placed in our endowment and used to fuel ministries far into the future. Planned giving also offers tax benefits, however you may want to consult a financial advisor or attorney. The most common types of planned gifts include Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

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