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A family of faith with justice at the center for the Glezens

Updated: Apr 19

Church members John and Becky Glezen standing next to each other in front of water smiling at the camera
John and Becky Glezen, Members since 1965

Between the two of them, John and Becky Glezen have taught Church School and served on most of the Church’s boards and commissions, including Deacons! More recently, they have been involved with Family Promise and with occasional ushering during worship services. 

"In these turbulent times, when all-important values such as compassion, decency and honesty seem challenged at all levels, we love being reminded, by words and deeds, that we are a part of a family of faith where justice is done, where kindness is loved and where Christ’s teachings are followed."

For John and Becky, three words that define First Church are: Open…Welcoming…Affirming.


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