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Accessibility at First Church

Updated: Apr 19

All are welcome at First Church, and accessibility is a priority for us. We aim to provide ways for every person to share in a full range of worship, fellowship and leadership experiences, and we strive to remove barriers that may prevent anyone from fully participating in our community. We are committed to ensuring that our church is accessible to all, both physically and spiritually.

For Sunday morning worship services, we provide large print bulletins and hymnals, as well as hearing assistance devices and a Bluetooth audio system that connects with your hearing aids via an app on your mobile device.

We understand that worship services can be overwhelming for some, so we have noise cancelling headphones for people of all ages. If being in a large worship space is overwhelming, we have a television (with the livestreamed service) in our church parlor. This room provides a quieter space for people to worship.

Our church facility offers accessible and limited mobility parking spaces for those with mobility challenges and has a ramp that leads into our Meetinghouse. Inside the building, we have spaces for folks in wheelchairs among the pews, accessible main bathrooms and an elevator that accesses every level of our building. There is storage space for walkers and canes in our Meetinghouse.

Our programs for children and youth include many neurodivergent participants. Our staff and volunteers work with our young people and families on an individual basis to make our programs as welcoming and inclusive as possible. 

As a community, we are committed to providing safe and accessible spaces to all people. We affirm the dignity and worth of every individual, including those with visible or invisible disabilities and mental health conditions. We invite you to worship with us and experience the warmth of our inclusive community.

If you have a specific need, please contact the church office or one of the pastors.


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