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Our Music Ministry is central to the life of our First Church community.

Over 100 children, youth, and adults participate in our various vocal and bell choirs. Through our varied and rich musical offerings, parishioners young and old are able to connect more readily with God. First Church also offers a Music at the Meetinghouse concert series, among other special musical events.

Choir Camp

Camp for Cantate, Cantabile and Mallets Choirs: Late July


The Cantate, Cantabile and Mallets Choirs are invited to our Choir Camp this July! Our program this summer will end with the choirs singing and ringing during the 10:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday, July 30. Other fun extracurricular events planned for the week will be a day trip to Six Flags, a movie night and sleepover, and a baseball game and fireworks display.

The total cost per chorister is $150, which includes lunches, crafts, and fun-filled excursions. The cost for a second child attending will be $75.

Schoenstein & Co., Opus. 148

Installed in September 2003 and the first built on the East Coast, Schoenstein & Co., Opus 148, leads this spiritual and lively congregation of First Church every week with excellent hymn singing and anthem accompaniment. Its tonal design of 25 voices (31 ranks) is of the English Romantic style and fills this New England sanctuary with its richness of tone enhanced by an adequate acoustic. Check out the organ specifications to find out more.


Designed by Jack M. Bethards, President and Tonal Director, the organ has unique features representative of this company’s specialties: double expression (a second set of swell shades within the already enclosed swell division) and a balanced expression pedal; programmable piston range for each memory level; solid state capture combination action; vertical shutters for ideal projection of pipes in chambered installations; and electric-pneumatic action with an individual valve windchest. In 2010, a Zymbelstern (donated by John and Margi Kreitler) was installed. The organ console with its adjustable bench was designed by Chuck Primich, Design Engineer of Schoenstein, and is made of solid wood with cherry stain and white outer panels. On March 14, 2004, Thomas Murray performed the dedicatory recital demonstrating the organ’s versatility and variety of tones that promote the pipe organ’s legacy as the “King of Instruments.” Schoenstein & Co. was established in 1877 and continues to build quality and artistic organs promoting their motto: “Dedicated to expanding the tonal color and dynamic range of the pipe organ.”  The reward of hearing this beautiful instrument is magnified by the knowledge of so many First Church people who dedicated their time and skills to see this organ from its inception to its installation.

Special Thanks

Dick Dann, Organ Chair, 2003 - Present

Allen Shenk, Organ Curator, 2003 - Present

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