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At First Church, we believe in an open table where people young and old join together to remember Jesus and to celebrate our blessings.


We welcome all who are seeking the presence of Christ and God in their lives, regardless of their denominational affiliation, church membership, or where they are on their faith journey. Communion is a joyful feast for all people of God, and we invite you to participate on the first Sunday of each month.
At the 8:00 a.m. service, we receive Communion by intinction. You are invited to come forward to the front of the church to take a piece of bread, dip it into the cup, and then eat it.
At the 10:00 a.m. service, our Deacons serve Communion. The bread, which is served first, may be eaten as soon as it is received to symbolize that we appear before God one by one. We ask participants to hold their communion cup until all are served and we drink together as a sign of our oneness in Jesus Christ. There is gluten free bread available.