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Senior/Junior High Fellowship Event Permission Form

Who: Any students in 9-12th Grades

(Please ensure you have a registration form on file!)

Covers your lodging, food, and transportation.
(First Church parking lot)
(First Church parking lot)

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Bring it to (Location)

* Warm + Cold Weather Clothes * Close toed shoes * Sleeping Bag/Blanket, pillow (fitted twin bed sheet is also ok) * Toiletries & Bath Towel * Snack to share with group (it’d be helpful, but not mandatory) * Music & Games that you can share with the group Leave it Home! * Stuff you don’t want to lose (jewelry, phone, etc…) * Weapons * Cigarettes, Alcohol, or Drugs * Bad Attitudes

What About… * Phones? Please leave at home (no service up there, anyway). * Cameras? At your own risk * iPods? Only for use at bedtime.

For the event as referenced here
For permission for my child’s photo to be taken by Church staff or volunteers during activities, with the understanding that pictures might be used in First Church publications. Note that First Church does not control the taking of photographs by other participants.

All information is CONFIDENTIAL and for use only by First Church Personnel:

If yes, please explain.
If yes, please list.
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