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Church School


In all, more than 150 children attend our Church School program, from three-year-olds through 8th grade.


The more than 50 caring volunteer teachers (both adults and teenagers) make our Church School a warm and happy place for children to learn about the Bible and God’s love.
Children attend the beginning of the Worship Service in the Meetinghouse with their families. After the Passing of the Peace, the children and teachers go to their classrooms.
Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade use a Rotation Model Curriculum wherein the children focus on one Bible story for four to five weeks as they rotate through learning stations that employ media such as art, story, cooking, and games. The varying stations allow students to absorb information in the way that best suits them. There is a link below to our current Rotation Model Curriculum Schedule.
Children in sixth through eighth grades choose between joining our Explore program or our Puppet Troupe. In Explore, the youth take a deeper look into their faith by discussing Bible stories, participating in activities designed around belief themes, and attending the Worship Service on a monthly basis. In the Puppet Troupe, the youth write skits and songs and perform for the congregation in church, for the Church School children at assemblies, and at various special events.

Rotation Model Curriculum Schedule


Enrollment for Church School: