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Caring Ministries


Caring Ministries of First Church


Mother Teresa said that God has only our hands with which to bless the world. We pray that God’s love may guide our hands and our hearts through the Caring Ministries of First Church.


Our Pastors


Our Pastors visit homes, nursing facilities and hospitals, and call and write church members and friends. Please contact the Church Office to request a visit from one of the pastors.

Our Volunteers

Friendly Visitors volunteer to visit one or more members of our congregation on a monthly basis. Their main goal is to provide support and companionship. Please contact the Church Office to request a visit from a Friendly Visitor.
Our Support Team Ministry consists of three groups: Basic Support Team members provide in-home care to people and families. The Transportation Team provides rides to medical appointments and Sunday Worship. The Administrative Support Team trains new members in the Support Team Ministry.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry members meet once a month from September through June to knit prayer shawls and enjoy fellowship. Shawls are blessed with special prayers and given to church members and members in our community in times of difficulty or to celebrate joyous events. In partnership with the chaplains at Hartford Hospital and Salmon Brook Rehabilitation Center, the Prayer Shaw Ministry provides shawls, lap robes, and small pocket prayer squares twice a year. Our group is open to anyone who likes to knit or crochet or would like to learn. Contact the Church Office for more information.

The Flower Committee arranges to have alter flowers in the Meetinghouse every Sunday, thanks to generous donations from our congregation. After services, Flower Committee members transform these displays into beautiful portable arrangements that our pastors and volunteers bring to parishioners during their visits.

Once a year, members of our Caring Ministries celebrate resident’s birthdays at the Naubuc Green Birthday Party at Naubuc Green Senior Housing. Cake and beverages are served and entertainment is provided.

Reiki Sessions are offered at First Church by volunteers who are trained in this ancient art. Reiki is a method of balancing the body’s energy flow to reduce stress while promoting relaxation and healing. Reiki is beneficial for those preparing for surgery, and those who are stressed, in pain, injured, feeling disorganized, or otherwise feeling "out of sorts." Reiki is safe, non-invasive and non-manipulative. The recipient remains fully clothed while the practitioner lays his or her hands lightly on certain parts of the body that correspond to various energy points. A typical session takes 30-60 minutes and is performed in a chair or on a massage table. For more information about Reiki or to schedule a Reiki session, please contact the Church Office.